Our Vision

We at Focusing on Borden are dedicated to building a community where it is safe to explore embodied connections to deeper places within ourselves and each other. From this grounded place we act to affect positive change in the global community.

Director, Jan Winhall MSW RSW FOTT

About us

Focusing is a contemplative practice that facilitates a state of integration between mind, emotion and body awareness. This embodied state gives fresh direction in dealing with life problems and wounded places. It can be taught in six steps and is practiced in partnerships. Focusing Oriented Therapy is a form of experiential psychotherapy that can stand alone or can be integrated into other forms of therapy. This integration enhances other modalities by grounding theory and embodied practice.

Focusing on Borden is located in downtown Toronto and came into being in the winter of 2012. Jan Winhall felt an increasing need to return to teaching Focusing. She had always loved Gendlin’s vision of caring community. If we could teach people how to be truly effective listeners then we could be present for each other in beautiful ways. Therapy would only be necessary when people became stuck or overwhelmed and needed professional guidance.

Since that time we have created a community of Focusers who get together to celebrate and socialize, share in a Changes Group, and run retreats. We are a centre for teaching Focusing Professionals and Focusing Oriented Therapists, and provide practicum experiences for Masters level psychotherapy students. 

Focusing on Borden is committed to developing an Outreach Program that brings Focusing into spaces of need, free of charge. We are at the early stages of shaping this avenue of growth. We are part of an umbrella organization called The International Focusing Institute that is located in New York City (www.focusing.org)

We have also developed the Borden Street Clinic where Jan and her husband Tony Cohn (psychiatrist,  Focusing Trainer) co-direct an assessment and psychotherapy practice. FOT trainees are part of the clinic in making referrals and providing treatment.

Our Trainers

Jan Winhall, Founder and Director

Jenna Chevalier, Focusing Professional/Focusing Oriented Therapist in training

Tony Cohn, Focusing Professional

Ann Dowsett-Johnson, Focusing Oriented Therapist in training

Annette Dubreuil, Focusing Professional

Glen Evanowich, Focusing Professional

Annie Fenn, Focusing Professional in training

Jeffrey Halliday, Focusing Professional

Jon Herberman, Focusing Professional 

Nicole Mitchell, Focusing Oriented Therapist in training 

Lorri Pacheco, Focusing Oriented Therapist in training

Mondy Stevenson, Focusing Professional

Jessica Zormann, Focusing Oriented Therapist