Upcoming Courses

We are pleased to offer courses over the fall, winter, and spring semester. Classes are often taken for both personal interest and professional development. The professional development track includes two streams (www.focusingonborden.com/training). 

As Focusing is a level of human process rather than simply a technique, all courses are taught experientially and in groups (www.focusing.org/trainer). Groups are facilitated by our Director Jan Winhall and by both our Focusing Trainers and Focusing Oriented Therapists. Please confirm your course location upon enrolment.  If you would like more information or are interested in registering for a course, please click here to contact us directly. 

Fall 2017 Courses

The Focusing Dialogue 

Date & Time:
September 26 - November 21
*no class October 17
Tuesdays, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Cost: 680.00, or arranged with FOB

The Focusing Dialogue is a communication tool developed by Jan WInhall . The dialogue is an integration of Focusing and  IMAGO therapy co-developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LeKelly Hunt. Jan was struck by how powerful it would be to integrate the 'felt sense' into working with IMAGO; which sparked the creation of The Focusing Dialogue. IMAGO comes from the Latin word "image" meaning the unconscious schema of others that we carry inside ourselves. It offers the possibility of deep emotional work and  practical solutions to common problems in relationships. While it was developed for working with couples, it has been applied to working with children, families, friends and co-workers. 

This group will be co-led by Jan Winhall, Jenna Chevalier, Glen Evanowich, and Lorri Pacheco. The course is suitable for people who are both new and experienced Focusers. This course takes place at Focusing on Borden. 

Focusing Oriented Therapy Group

Date & Time:
September 28 - December 7
*no class October 19
Thursdays, 10:00am - 12:00pm
Cost: 850.00, or arranged with FOB

Our Women's-only Focusing-Oriented Therapy Group is an on-going therapy group that runs for 9 week sessions. In the safety of our community, group members have an opportunity to learn about themselves and each other in a dynamic interactive environment.  We explore issues that arise as people deepen their focusing practice and form connections with other group members. This group will be co-led by Jan Winhall, Jessica Zormann, and Jenna Chevalier. 

This group is currently full - fall 2017 registration is closed.  

Focusing for Women 

Date & Time:
October 23rd - December 11th
Mondays, 6-8pm
Cost: 450 for 8 weeks, or arranged with FOB

Having a self-development practice, like mindfulness meditation and Focusing, helps to deepen the understanding we have of ourselves, as well as broaden our worldview (perspective-taking). The result is we become more adaptable and more effective at creating change.

Over this 8 week women's group, participants will learn the contemplative practice of Focusing as they work through an issue in their life. The women's group will create a space to share and learn more about ourselves and each other, with the ultimate goal of moving a personal or professional objective forward. This group will be co-led by Annette Dubreuil and Nicole Mitchell. 

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