Upcoming Courses

We are pleased to offer courses over the fall, winter, and spring semester. Classes are often taken for both personal interest and professional development. The professional development track includes two streams (www.focusingonborden.com/training). 

As Focusing is a level of human process rather than simply a technique, all courses are taught experientially and in groups (www.focusing.org/trainer). Groups are facilitated by our Director Jan Winhall and by both our Focusing Trainers and Focusing Oriented Therapists.  If you would like more information or are interested in registering for a course, please click here to contact us directly. 

Winter 2019 Courses - registration is now closed.

Please email focusingonborden@gmail.com to register for courses.

Fireside Focusing

Date & Time:
January 29, 2019 – March 26
No class March 12
Tuesdays, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Cost: 720.00, or arranged with FOB (8 sessions)

‘Overview of the 6 steps of Focusing’
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019: 6:30 - 8:30
led by Jon Herberman, Annette Dubreuil and Focusing Trainee, Ann Dowsett Johnston

Not looking forward to those cold blowy days in winter? Come and warm yourself from the inside out with our wonderful, safe, and grounding community at Focusing on Borden. This winter course will include fireside ways of listening; to our inner self and to our Focusing partners. We will practice different kinds of deep Focusing Listening. In our traditional whole group Listening circles, in pairs, in 3’s…in Absolute Listening, in Experiential Listening…in Silent Listening..... In listening to breath. 

And……..I recently came back from a wonderful conference where Deb Dana presented her work based on Steven Porges Polyval Theory (http://www.debdanalcsw.com/). She is an expert in understanding how the nervous system works. She makes it easy to understand and provides some great tools that we will use to help us map our Arousal States to better work with our Felt Sense.

This class is co-led by Jan Winhall, Jon Herberman, and Anne Dowsett Johnston

Focusing Oriented Therapy Group

Date & Time:
January 24, 2019 – April 4, 2019
No class March 14th
Thursdays, 10:00am - 12:00pm
Cost: 900.00, or arranged with FOB (10 sessions)

Our Women's-only Focusing-Oriented Therapy Group is an on-going therapy group that runs for 10 week sessions. In the safety of our community, group members have an opportunity to learn about themselves and each other in a dynamic interactive environment.  We explore issues that arise as people deepen their focusing practice and form connections with other group members. We are integrating the work of Dr. Stephen Porges Polyvagal Theory (http://www.debdanalcsw.com/). We learn about and pay attention to the Autonomic Nervous System and how this informs bodily felt knowing and our capacity to emotionally regulate. This work helps us to further understand Jan Winhall’s Felt Sense Experience Model.

This class is co-led by Jan Winhall and Ann Dowsett Johnston

Unpacking your inner world for a better outer world

Date & Time:
May 6th - June 17th
No class May 20th
Mondays, 2:30-4:30 pm
Cost: 350.00 (6 weeks)
This course will be offered online via Zoom.

Introduction to Focusing: Meet the course facilitators and get a small taste of focusing on Monday, April 29th, from 2:30-4pm EST. Cost is $20.

Having a self-development practice helps to deepen the understanding we have of ourselves. The result is we become more adaptable and more effective at creating change in our lives. Over this 6 week class, participants will learn the embodiment and contemplative practice of Focusing as they work through an issue in their life.

The class will create a space to share and learn more about ourselves and each other, with the ultimate goal of moving a personal or professional objective forward. In particular, we will get to know the 8 Cs of self-leadership, that help us in carrying forward. The 8 Cs are calmness, connectedness, curiosity, clarity, compassion, confidence, courage and creativity.

The 6 steps of Focusing will be taught, including finding the felt sense (your body's wisdom, primarily manifested as physical and emotional sensations), as well as two supporting core skills of Focusing: 1) how to deeply listen to a "focuser" and ourselves, and 2) the focusing attitude.Participants will be paired to practice between sessions, for both Focusing and listening.

Complementary tools will be crossed with Focusing to enhance the use of the senses utilizing the latest neurobiology research, including learning to ground in the body, getting to know the "parts" of ourselves that are connected to our issues, emotional intelligence, drawing/art, and journaling/free-flow writing. Learn more.

This is an online course. To register for this course, please email either annette.dubreuil@gmail.com or nicole@nicolemitchell.net directly.