Community Members

Focusing is for everyone! Our community members demonstrate the diversity of individuals who have chosen to bring a  Focusing practice into their lives. Here are a few of the wonderful individuals that make up Focusing on Borden. 


The practice of Focusing brings me closer to my peaceful, balanced self. This has previously eluded me, as I flipped between chaotic energy and the safety of my home hideaway. These states were punctuated with an infusion of binging on food and alcohol, only to launch on the chaos/retreat pendulum. At Focusing on Borden I was gently encouraged to find a safe place, be content, and listen to my body as it directed me through the emotions to balance and peace. The practice includes listening to those around me which has improved my compassion for the ideas of others, and, using the same skills has improved my ability to communicate. Focusing has profoundly improved the way I live.



There is a certain richness to a life that is experienced with curiosity and gentleness without any critical judgment of self.  Focusing has helped me to find a grounded place from which I am able to recognize and effectively listen to what my body is trying to tell me about how it is experiencing the world.  Whether it is dealing with the stresses associated with a hectic professional life or simply engaging in a judgment free exploration of self,  I have found focusing to be an effective and invaluable practice that I intend to have as a comfortable and compassionate companion throughout my life.


Through Focusing practice I discover various ways to be with myself and others with an attitude of compassion and curiosity. I am learning how to deal with physical and emotional pain, without reacting to it, nor from it, and how I can safely explore its expression. 

Within the Focusing on Borden community, I also discover the tremendous healing power, ease and joy of being a listener, and being listened to.  

I have begun to transmit the invaluable lessons I am learning through Focusing to my visual art students. I am fortunate to witness their process of relinquishing the control of the inner critic. This leads to a sense of freedom and exploration. I hope that one day Focusing will be part of the public education curriculum.