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World Day of Listening

This notice has been taken Greg Madison, in hopes of spreading the word about World Day of Listening. You may find the Facebook link below. 

As an outcome of the recent International Conference and our Interest Group on 'Focusing and Changing How the World Changes', there is now a World Day of Listening planned for October 21st, 2016.

It has already gained attention and we are working to spread the word …. Although it is inspired by our experience of Listening in Focusing, the event is open to anyone who practices any kind of active listening.

We are hoping that Focusing people will be the backbone of the event and that some of you might offer brief half day trainings (for e.g.) to people who want to practice listening before the day. 

The Day can be celebrated in any form: having a listening event in a school, hospital, city hall, or on the streets - in a shopping district, financial centre, public parks… It can be public ‘sidewalk listening’ with portable chairs, or more formal listening circles in a church or library, anything at all…. (a family taking turns listening over the breakfast table). 

It is all being coordinated through Facebook, so if you are not a FB user, please find someone local who uses FB so you can review some of the ideas and suggestions. There is also a Listening Guide under Files on that page (in various languages). Below is the general introduction. 

Please consider taking an hour or two out of your day and joining us in October. 
(there will be no further emails about this event)
Best wishes, Greg

This Facebook group is planning to hold a World Day of Listening on October 21st, 2016. We are open to welcoming any other individuals and groups who would like to join an event whose sole aim is to listen to people about their experience of the current world situation and of themselves living in this world. We are non-partisan and non-promotional. Our only aim is to provide the healing and forward-moving experience that happens when one person listens openly, without agenda, to another, allowing social change to move through each person. This is a gentle model of social subversion and activism. Though many of those involved are therapists and facilitators, it is not primarily a mental health or therapy event. Anyone with listening skills (trainings can be offered in many locations) can participate, activists, counsellors, academics, facilitators, pastoral workers, group workers, youth workers, active listeners, NVC people, mindfulness practitioners, Focusing people, coaches, social change persons.... We would like to share photos and short videos of our experiences around the world afterwards. Guidelines (English, Portuguese, German, Italian and Spanish so far) are uploaded into 'Files' just under the group photo above... Please feel free to join us from around the world ...(more information on the page below):

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