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Fireside Focusing

Fireside Focusing (Tuesday Course)

Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
January 29, 2019 – March 26
No class March 12
Fee: $720.00, or as discussed with Jan (8 weeks)

Not looking forward to those cold blowy days in winter? Come and warm yourself from the inside out with our wonderful, safe, and grounding community at Focusing on Borden. This winter course will include fireside ways of listening; to our inner self and to our Focusing partners. We will practice different kinds of deep Focusing Listening. In our traditional whole group Listening circles, in pairs, in 3’s…in Absolute Listening, in Experiential Listening…in Silent Listening..... In listening to breath. 
And……..I recently came back from a wonderful conference where Deb Dana presented her work based on Steven Porges Polyvagal Theory ( She is an expert in understanding how the nervous system works. She makes it easy to understand and provides some great tools that we will use to help us map our Arousal States to better work with our Felt Sense.

This class is co-led by Jan Winhall, Jon Herberman, and Anne Dowsett Johnston

Later Event: April 3
Trainers meeting