Focusing For Women

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Unpacking your inner world for a better outer world

Having a self-development practice, like mindfulness meditation and Focusing, helps to deepen the understanding we have of ourselves, as well as broaden our worldview (perspective-taking). The result is we become more adaptable and more effective at creating change.

Over this 6 week women's class, participants will learn the embodiment and contemplative practice of Focusing as they work through an issue in their life. The class will create a space to share and learn more about ourselves and each other, with the ultimate goal of moving a personal or professional objective forward.

Focusing taps into your body's wisdom, while building awareness and presence. As a comparison, in a mindfulness practice we acknowledge a thought and go back to our breath or mantra, whereas in Focusing we ask the body "what needs my attention right now" and we stay with whatever emerges to understand it, acknowledge it, and integrate it.

The 6 steps of Focusing will be taught, including finding the felt sense (your body's wisdom), as well as two supporting core skills of Focusing. The first skill is how to deeply listen to a "focuser" and ourselves. The second is the focusing attitude.

As an added bonus, Focusing grows our self-empathy and self-compassion, as well as empathy and compassion for others which together help to foster a deeper connectedness with the people in our lives. Participants will be paired to practice between sessions, for both Focusing and listening.

Complementary tools will be crossed with Focusing to enhance the use of the senses utilizing the latest neurobiology research, including learning to ground in the body, getting to know the "parts" of ourselves that are connected to our issues, emotional intelligence, drawing/art, and journaling/free-flow writing.

About Us

  • Annette Dubreuil, BSc (environmental science), MBA (sustainability)
    Annette’s career has focused on advancing and disseminating cutting edge sustainability research and practice, most recently as Communications Director with Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission. Annette is a Certified Focusing Professional and developed body cards to record the felt sense with her Toronto community.
  • Nicole Mitchell, BA, M.Ed., C.C.C., RP
    Nicole Mitchell is a Focusing Trainer and a Focusing Oriented Therapist in training. Nicole is a psychotherapist who works with individuals, couples, families and groups. She incorporates Focusing into her practice on a day-to-day basis and is incredibly delighted by seeing the “shifts” clients can make in just one session.

Location: Verity Women's Club, 111 D Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario
Time: Monday afternoons, 3-5 pm, starting April 30 (course ends June 11. Note: no class May 21st for Victoria Day)
Cost: $350 for 6 weeks, 2 hours each meeting

Open House: Come meet the course facilitators and get a taste of focusing on April 16th, from 3-5pm. Cost is $20.

To learn more and sign-up (for the Open House and the Course), please email either or


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