Contact:  t: +1 647 290 2884

t: +1 647 290 2884

Jeffrey Halliday

Focusing Professional


 I’m a curious soul and a keen listener. I am grateful for a career that has spanned three decades, woven its way through many cultures and touched people around the world. 

Some years ago a friend remarked that I was an "antevasin". I was intrigued and investigated. Antevasin is a sanskrit word that means, ‘one who lives at the border.’ In ancient times, this was a literal description of a person who had left the bustling center of worldly life to go live at the edge of the forest where the spiritual masters dwelled ... 

Late in July of 2011 I began to unravel my way of living that was held together by addiction. In the process I have become fascinated with consciousness, brain science, human development and helping people improve their well-being. 

Wisdom Tree Project is a social enterprise that I conceived of while attending an international Focusing conference with my mentor Jan Winhall in 2014. It is inspired by people making sustainable change in the context of blended, lived experiences such as trauma, suicide, addiction, divorce, depression, anxiety, and financial hardship. The practice of Focusing, and the incredible resource of its community, are cornerstones of the enterprise. 

Our work embraces the whole of the experience of the people we help. We know that people are unique, have their own set of needs and our services reflect this reality. These include private coaching, group workshops, organizational consulting and innovative collaborations. Some of the work we do is fee-based. Some of it is delivered without charge.

I also invest my energy into connecting with my wonderful children, my incredible partner, the dynamic communities that I live in, the vibrant forests that I travel to, the occasional spiritual master and, lest I forget, myself.