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Jessica Zormann

M.ED, R. Kin., R.P., C.C.C.
Focusing-Oriented Therapist

Jessica Zormann is a registered psychotherapist, registered kinesiologist and ADHD coach. She recently completed her training in Focusing Oriented Therapy and is using her combined knowledge of human physiology, psychology and attention to develop a model that explores the relationship between emotion regulation and attention regulation. Employing Jan Winhall’s Felt Sense Experience Model of Emotional Regulation, Jessica is helping individuals manage their attention, impulses and overwhelming emotions using the body’s felt sense. Specifically, she helps clients identify a calm, safe and grounded state that clients can move to even in the most stressful situations. Jessica has found this to be particularly helpful to individuals with ADHD since every person presents with a unique combination of symptoms and challenges. Understanding each individual’s version of ADHD and their unique brain wiring is the first, and perhaps most important, step in creating a successful treatment program. It is through the client’s felt sense that they begin to develop an understanding of their ADHD and the clarity to move his/her life forward.