Jon Herberman 

Focusing Trainer

I have had a life-long commitment to environmental sustainability with a particular interest in renewable energy. My academic background includes an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Masters in Environmental Studies. I have always been interested in the nature of human consciousness. On a small scale, I take great pleasure in growing and preserving some of my own food.

I have been part of the focusing community for 5 years.  My interest in Focusing came about based on work that I was doing on early childhood trauma. 

Focusing has had a tremendous impact on my ability to understand and change behaviours that were not in my own best interest.  It allows me to be mindful and present in my day-to-day activities and provides a very calming influence.

It allows me to identify and experience my own feelings/moods/anxieties/pleasures for precisely what they are and then act in a reasonable manner in accordance with them. I have practiced meditation techniques for decades, including Mindful Meditation and Transcendental Meditation. Having a background in meditation allows me to gently put my mind at ease to begin to clear space for the focusing experience. Gene Gendlin, the founder of Focusing has an analogy for distinguishing focusing from meditation: “As you descend in an elevator, you meet the felt sense half way down, which is where focusers focus.  Meditators descend further, past the felt sense into a relaxed state where the body no longer forms a felt sense.” (1)

Meditating and focusing can play a symbiotic role though one can easily learn to focus without knowing how to meditate. While I have never been much of a “joiner,” being part of this community has been beneficial and rewarding both for myself and in terms of being able to help others in their Focusing practice. I am currently a Focusing Trainer  and have participated in an international Focusing retreat.

I’m a life-long traveler,  cyclist, motorcyclist, skier and gardener, with a great love of the outdoors and appreciation of the natural world. 

(1) Finch, Michael, R.  Meditation: A Personal View Using the Language of Gene Gendlin