Nomi Drory

BArch, BEd
Focusing Professional

I am a visual artist and a visual art teacher, with a background in architecture and experience in various forms of movements; ballet, mime, and athletics. My art practice is based on my belief in the power of art to promote a state of wellbeing and personal growth.

Through the Focusing practice I discover ways to be with myself and others with an attitude of compassion and curiosity. With the Focusing on Borden community I discover the tremendous healing power, ease and joy of being a listener and being listened to.

In the face of daily chronic pain which I experience from scoliosis, I discovered Wholebody Focusing which integrates Focusing with the Alexander Technique, and offers us the resources we need to reconnect with our Body Wisdom and with our thoughts, memories and emotions. Currently I am also training to become an Alexander Technique Teacher.

Combining these techniques with my artistic process, I developed a process of drawing that invites the participants to create artwork that comes from a non- judgmental place, that is based on a kinesthetic experience, when our whole self participates in the process of mark-making and we are able to genuinely sense our body as grounded and our awareness open to our felt sense.