Renata Butryn

M.A., M.S.W. (in progress), RP, Focusing Oriented therapist (in training)

Renata Butryn is working towards a certification in Focusing Oriented Art Therapy. She is training under the mentorship of both Jan Winhall, M.S.W. R.S.W. F.O.T. and Laury Rappaport  Ph.D., A.T.R-B.C, FOT.  Her introduction to focusing and focusing-oriented therapy began in early 2017, when she joined Focusing on Borden as part of her joint M.S.W. and Collaborative Program in Addiction studies. Prior to pursuing social work at University of Toronto, she graduated with M.A. in Creative Arts Therapies (Art Therapy Option) from Concordia University in Montreal.  Being a registered psychotherapist, her primary specialization is in psychotherapy using visual arts and also in counselling, having worked for nearly a decade in the context of an employee assistance program.  She likes to integrate into her practice a variety of strengths-based approaches. With undergraduate degrees in philosophy and psychology, Renata has a longstanding interest in mind-body connection and in embodiment. She is excited to be able to integrate also focusing-oriented therapy and trauma-informed treatment approaches.