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Felt Sense Experience Model of Emotional Regulation (Webinar)
by Jan Winhall

In a series presented by The International Focusing Institute,  this two-hour workshop (presented by Jan Winhall), explores how stress and traumatic experience prevents and/ or disrupts our capacity to be grounded. Jan presents  material from her chapter in Emerging Practice In Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy  and  guides viewers through various experiential exercises. 

If you would like access to this webinar, we ask you make a small donation to The International Focusing Institute here. Please specify this donation  for "Jan Winhalls Webinar," and a password will be sent to you by email. 


Blogs & Podcasts


Jan Winhall and Catherine Torpey discuss crossings between philosophy, Focusing, and Imago Therapy. For more information on the 2018 Felt Sense Conference, visit We hope you enjoyed this video. For more Focusing videos, please subscribe to our channel! Other places to find The International Focusing Institute: @tfifocusing

Active Pause: Blog & Podcast: Jan Winhall

The ‘Active Pause’ blog/podcast explores creative approaches to being thoughtful, mindful and emotionally attuned. In this episode, Jan Winhall discusses "creating intentional communities." In this conversation they explore both the underlying reasons for needing to gather in community; and how that harkens back to our family of origin and the many issues that challenge our capacity to sustain connection. There is a specific focus on Focusing-Oriented communities. 

The Trauma Therapist Project Podcast: Jan Winhall

We are happy to announce that Jan's podcast for The Trauma Therapist Project has been released. To learn more about The Trauma Therapist Project and listen to Jan's episode, click the button below. 

Treating Trauma Without Drama: featuring Jan Winhall

We are excited to announce that Jan Winhall will be featured in the event "Treating Trauma Without Drama," an online speaker series where several professionals have come together and to share their tips and experience working with trauma. 

The event begins June 11th, you can watch the promo video and sign up by click here.

The Changes Book: Free Download

Here is a free download of The Changes Book: A Handbook for Empathic Listening, Experiential Focusing, and Therapeutic Community, 1978, over 300 manually typewritten pages of the first attempt by Gene Gendlin and Mary Hendricks, Jim Iberg, Kristin Glaser, Ann Weiser Cornell, myself, and many others to capture and define and explain how to do these wonderful new things, Listening and Focusing and being relational beings, in community. Access this book by clicking here. 

Focusing Manual, CD sets, and other resources by Dr. Kathy McGuire (free!)

“In her retirement, Dr. McGuire teaches and consults infrequently. However, she retains her commitment to making self-help skills of Focused (Empathic) Listening and Intuitive (Experiential) Focusing available for free.

Using her free resources below, anyone can learn the skills for using Focusing and Listening alone, in pairs with friends or colleagues for personal growth, for conflict resolution, for creative problem solving in groups, and for building supportive empathic communities at home and at work” (blurb taken from

Click here to access all free resources provided by Dr. McGuire


The Radical Recovery Summit 2017

The Radical Recovery Summit is an exciting gathering of leaders in the recovery field sharing their innovative approaches to the exploding epidemic of addiction in the many forms it takes. Register to view the entire video here: click here 


Gene Gendlin on Youtube

A range of short videos featuring Gene Gendlin discussing topics including: Collective Felt Sensing, Philosophical concepts, and Thinking on the Edge can be found through Nada Lou’s website

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