Focusing Oriented Trauma Therapy (FOTT) Kit


Focusing Oriented Trauma Therapy (FOTT) Kit


This kit has been developed by Jan Winhall in order to share The Felt Sense Experience Model of Emotional Regulation with other therapists using a Focusing approach in professional practice. Jan's work on this model originally appeared as a chapter in Emerging Practices in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy: Innovative Theory and Application (Madison, 2014), and interest in it continues to grow. This kit contains the same manipulatives Jan Winhall uses at Focusing on Borden to teach Focusing and her model to individual clients, groups, and therapists in training.

Each kit includes: 

  • A 24x36" colour poster of The Felt Sense Model of Emotional Regulation
  • Ten body-cards
  • One box of 24 crayons
  • One USB key with full page colour powerpoint presentation slides from Winhall's morning study group at the 2017 FOT conference
  • One 13-page lap-sized flip book of The Felt Sense Model of Emotional Regulation broken down into its composite parts
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