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Tara Smith

BA, MSW, RSW, Focusing-Oriented Therapist in training

I am a registered Social Worker and graduate from the University of Toronto Masters of Social Work program where I specialized in Health and Mental Health.  I am passionate about providing collaborative, trauma-informed, relational cultural, embodied care to my clients. I work from a holistic perspective, and use the principles of Focusing to bring awareness and compassion to the mind-body connection. 

I have also recently become a certified ADHD professional and am now offering ADHD coaching. I begin working with clients to first acknowledge their unique experiences and brain wiring to begin to understand how ADHD impacts their lives. From there I work collaboratively with my clients to develop plans and strategies to manage their most impactful ADHD symptoms. Using a Focusing I help clients to recognize their experiences from a body-based perspective, and identify or create a grounded state in which they can return to during overwhelming situations..